Been to Bradcamp? Watched Brad speak live or in a video? There's a good chance you've seen Brad wearing one of his embroidered >>B T-shirts. The T-Shirts on sale here are not replicas of Brad's T-Shirts they are exactly the same T-Shirts he wears to his events.
Brad demands top quality and that's what you'll be getting with your order.
  • Soft stretch SF Brand v-neck t-shirt
  • Modern long-line fit
  • With trademark >>B embroideries on Front Right, Right Arm and Back
  • Logo available in Gold or Orange
  • Available in S-2XL
  • Fabric: 96% Cotton, 4% Elastane. 
  • Weight: 165gsm
Delivery is £3.50 for a single item or £7.50 for multiple items to the UK or NI.
All personalised Items are dispatched within 10 working days
Sizes S - 2XL
Size To Fit (Approx)

S (36/38")
M (38/40")
L (42")
XL (44/46")
2XL (48")
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